Zherrina at SEGSBlack Sun Planetary Solutions has definitely broadened my perspective on world sustainability and renewability. As a mechanical engineering student, I was immediately drawn to the innovative solar collector design. I thought that the use of the truncated compound parabolas funneling light into a blackbody-like cavity was a creatively genius idea.

As I delved deeper into the project, I began to really appreciate the environmental factors of the project, and I was motivated not only by the cool concept of the design, but also by the impact solar energy and other renewable sources had in improving the world.

It also helps to know that I am surrounded by hard working and intelligent team members who truly care about the company and who would do their best to see it grow. The upcoming milestones will be very significant in the steady progress of BSPS. These include constructing a fully functional solar collector unit and building an operational demonstration power plant in Ramona.

Working for BSPS is a huge step forward for me. I hadn’t expected to work in startup company right out of college, but I am so glad and thankful that I did. My tasks and assignments within the project are so diverse – from pricing out a variety of condensers that fit the solar thermal system to analyzing wind load stresses and displacements on the collector frame to marketing our product through social media, press releases, and kickstarter campaigns. Every day is a different challenge, and there is always something new to look forward to.