CSP Licensing

In addition to purchasing our innovative, patented BSPS collectors and CSP systems, you can also purchase a license for our patent-pending BSPS collector design.  While BSPS is working to establish a firm foundation in the California solar market before expanding nationally and internationally, it is possible for you to get a head start on your own solar energy system.  Through our technology license, you can use the design of the novel BSPS collector to implement your own cost-effective CSP system.
Licenses of the BSPS CSP technology are specifically geared toward customers who are not in proximity to BSPS’s current facilities, where shipment of collectors or systems would not be cost effective.  In this way, enthusiasts around the world can implement our exciting and affordable approach to solar energy with our easy-to-implement design plans.
For further information or inquiries regarding CSP licenses, please contact us at terrance@blacksunps.com.