CSP Systems

BSPS is proud to offer its low-cost approach to producing widespread renewable energy: BSPS CSP Systems.  BSPS is currently accepting offers to build solar energy generation systems, scalable in size from 0.5MW to multi-megawatts and up.  BSPS’s affordable CSP systems can provide you or your business with the energy it needs with its novel design of CSP collectors.
Our patented CSP collectors effectively “funnel” light into a cavity, which is then used to heat the working fluid. In this manner, BSPS is able to eliminate the need for costly focusing optics and continual tracking systems.  BSPS is also able to use low-cost materials and operate efficiently with lower precision machining and assembly tolerances.  In this way, BSPS is able to dramatically reduce the capital investment required to build a new solar energy system, while still maintaining an expected lifetime of at least 20 years.
In order to find out more about how you or your business can profit by implementing a BSPS CSP system, please contact us at terrance@blacksunps.com.