We specialize in aerospace and solar energy engineering.  Our collegial team environment promotes open, lively communication, allowing us to deliver creative solutions with confidence.

As we develop our next-generation solar thermal technology, we would be pleased to assist your solar R&D efforts with cost and irradiance modeling, drawings and plans, heat transfer FEM, and structural analysis of collectors.

MATLAB Software Modeling
Our engineers are skilled in software tools such as MATLAB, and have extensive experience applying them to a wide variety of engineering problems. We have used MATLAB to model the performance of our solar collector by analyzing the various heat transfer processes taking place. In doing so, we are able to predict the necessary field length to produce various ranges of power.
Heat transfer diagram Picture1untitled

These capabilities can be applied to a wide range of systems. From structural calculations to heat transfer modeling, we are confident that our MATLAB skills can be used to meet your engineering needs.

Solidworks CAD Design and FEM Analysis
Our consultants are also well versed in CAD software, such as Solidworks, and are capable of producing high quality drawings for virtually any design imaginable. We have experience performing FEM analysis on our own designs, and would be able to apply these same skills to fit the needs of our projects.
solidworks  Picture4Picture5

In addition, our President & Chief Executive Officer, Terrance Yee, leverages 23 years’ expertise focused in Spacecraft Systems Engineering.  Having successfully fulfilled lead roles ranging from conceptual and detailed design, through fabrication, integration and test, to launch and flight operations, Mr. Yee can contribute to all phases of your mission. Get in touch to discuss how we can support your project:  Terrance Yee Resume