CSP Technology

Picture11 - croppedProblem: Current solar energy technologies are too expensive to gain widespread market acceptance. To compete with fossil fuels, solar technology must be low cost, suitable for mass production, and easy to implement. With fossil fuel pollution on the rise throughout the world, the need for renewable energy technology is critical.

Solution: Over the past two years, Black Sun Planetary Solutions has developed and patented a solar collector capable of producing clean, sustainable energy at a fraction of the price of current technologies. This design has been tested and verified on the prototype scale, and we are finally ready to construct a commercial version of our product that can be shared with the world.

Our Innovative Design

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, typically seen on households or building structures, are arguably the most commonly known form of solar energy generation. These panels generate electricity from a semiconductor effect that takes place as photons impact their surface.

Traditional concentrating solar power (CSP) systems use mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight, or solar thermal energy, onto a small area. This small area is typically a pipe containing fluid that is heated to boiling temperatures and used to drive a turbine engine. Electricity is produced by a generator connected to the turbine.

The patent-pending Black Sun solar collector uses two parabolic reflectors to capture sunlight and funnel it downwards into a circular cavity. This cavity is designed to mimic the behavior of a blackbody which, by nature, absorbs 100% of all incoming energy. Inside the cavity, a water-filled tube is heated to high temperatures capable of driving a turbine and generating electricity.

 CSP Design Comparison 4

Advantages of Black Sun CSP Collectors

Minimal sun-tracking: Existing CSP systems require expensive and intricate sun-tracking mechanisms to ensure the collectors are always pointed directly at the sun. The innovation of our design eliminates the need for constant, precision sun-tracking, since the light only needs to be funneled into the blackbody cavity opening to be converted into useful, thermal heat.

Blackbody design: Conventional CSP receivers experience substantial heat losses because their receiver tubes are exposed to the surroundings. To reduce these losses, current CSP designs must implement expensive, vacuum sealed glass tubes. Our blackbody design traps and stores heat inside the cavity, eliminating the need for expensive insulating receivers.

Inexpensive materials: The BSPS solar collector is constructed out of foam and thin film mirrors, which are considerably cheaper than the precision glass mirrors and aluminum or steel frames used to build existing CSP collectors. Our prototype testing has confirmed that foam is capable of withstanding the most extreme wind loading and weather conditions demanded by building codes.