AdamTo me, Black Sun Planetary Solutions’ solar project is an opportunity to apply what I know in work that can directly improve the health of our ecosystem.

I got involved in engineering listening to my friend describe his electric-powered bike design project. Through diagrams and equations, he explained a motor control scheme to reduce complexity and save energy, and a magnetic circuit that could simulate a gearbox. Inspired by my friend’s ability to think about a problem abstractly and create a physical solution, I chose the field of engineering for advanced study. My focus area, power electronics, spans a range of physical scales, from minute fluctuations in logic processors, to electromagnetic fields churning inside the largest generators. This broad applicability appeals to me.

In addition to satisfying my curiosity, I hope that my course of study proves helpful in solving some urgent problems. When I think about activities in my daily life that require input of huge amounts of external energy- everything that I can’t do or make with my hands and feet- I become acutely aware of the need to find sustainable energy sources. Black Sun’s solar project has potential to make renewable energy financially appealing.

So far, we have built and tested three prototype collectors. Our present work on the demo plant is the next step in creating a complete electric generating system.

I see a high degree of intrinsic motivation expressed by the group. I feel fortunate to be working on a fascinating project, with an excellent team, toward a goal that can have a planet-wide positive impact.

Adam Hiking