U.S. Patent Granted For Innovative Solar Collector

Black Sun Planetary Solutions (BSPS), a start-up engineering team based in San Diego, CA, received its first United States patent for its vanguard project: an innovative, low-cost solar energy collector. BSPS’s solar collector design promises to cut current concentrating solar power (CSP) cost by up to half.
“What really sets our solution apart,” says BSPS’s founder, and CEO Terrance Yee, “is the way we funnel–not focus–the sun’s energy into an insulated blackbox cavity. This method of harvesting the energy of the sun eliminates the need for costly and fragile vacuum-insulated piping as well as high precision mirrors. This advantage, combined with a geometry that reduces the need for expensive sun tracking, allows our collectors to provide utility-scale power plants with energy for only a fraction of the cost of conventional CSP troughs.”
“This is a game-changer,” adds Mr. Yee.
With the fourth and final working prototype tested exhaustively, BSPS is now positioned to gain industry traction for its collectors. 
“The next step is getting them out there,” says Alexander Lebedeff, BSPS’s business development manager. “We’re currently inviting existing CSP companies and startups related to CSP to take a good look at our technology, and see for themselves how well it can fit into existing or future CSP projects. With a patent on our intellectual property, we can be fully transparent. If your company is in the CSP business, you want to talk to us.”
At the time of this press release, BSPS is entering its first round of fundraising, seeking accredited venture capitalists to invest in building the infrastructure and inventory that Black Sun Planetary Solutions needs to revolutionize the solar power industry.